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w2ui - New JavaScript UI Library

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Get Started

Working knowledge of JavaScript, HTM, and CSS is required. The w2ui library is primarily a JavaScript library, hence it is important you know some JavaScirpt before starting to work with the library. You can use the library with any server side language (NodeJS, php, Java, .NET, perl, etc.). It can render data returned from the server or generated in the browser with JavaScript.

사용해보신분은 아시겠지만 100% jquery & javascript 호환됩니다.
상용인 iBsheet, xplatform 등과 같이 많은 함수는 없습니다.
하지만, 함수를 이용해 만들어서 사용할수 있습니다.
년간 몇천의 라이센스를 지불할것인가 아니면 응용을 할것인가?


You can dowload either a minified version of the library or get full source code from There 2 files that you will need, w2ui.js (or w2ui-1.5.rc1.min.js) and w2ui.css (or w2ui-1.5.rc1.min.css). Those files need to be included in every page where you want to use the library.


Download W2UI 1.5.rc1     Open GitHub Project

What is Included

If you download the minified version of the library, the following JavaScript widgets are included

  • Layout
  • Grid
  • Toolbar
  • Tree
  • Tabs
  • Popup
  • Forms
  • Fields
  • Utilitis