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Linux Subversion 설치 및 포트 변경 & 이클립스 연동

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입력일 2022-02-23 21:08:01

:: SVN 기본 디렉토리 : /svn/repos

svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /svn/repos

$ vi /svn/repos/conf/svnserve.conf

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
realm = My First Repository

$ vi /svn/repos//conf/passwd

admin = 1
dblee = 1234

$ mkdir /svn/repos/trunk

$ mkdir /svn/repos/branches

$ mkdir /svn/repos/tags

$ mkdir /svn/repos/PROJECT

$ svnserve -d -r /svn/repos --listen-port 55555

위와 같이 PORT가 변경 된 경우의 SVN - Repository Location (eclipse 또는 TortoiseSVN)
( svn:// )

$ pkill -9 svn (SVN 서버 다운, 만약, 다운이안되는 경우 kill -9 [PID NO])


$ svnserve --help
usage: svnserve [-d | -i | -t | -X] [options]
Subversion repository server.
Type 'svnserve --version' to see the program version.

Valid options:
  -d [--daemon]            : daemon mode
  -i [--inetd]             : inetd mode
  -t [--tunnel]            : tunnel mode
  -X [--listen-once]       : listen-once mode (useful for debugging)
  -r [--root] ARG          : root of directory to serve
  -R [--read-only]         : force read only, overriding repository config file
  --config-file ARG        : read configuration from file ARG
  --listen-port ARG        : listen port. The default port is 3690.
                             [mode: daemon, listen-once]
  --listen-host ARG        : listen hostname or IP address
                             By default svnserve listens on all addresses.
                             [mode: daemon, listen-once]
  -6 [--prefer-ipv6]       : prefer IPv6 when resolving the listen hostname
                             [IPv4 is preferred by default. Using IPv4 and IPv6
                             at the same time is not supported in daemon mode.
                             Use inetd mode or tunnel mode if you need this.]
  -c [--compression] ARG   : compression level to use for network transmissions
                             [0 .. no compression, 5 .. default,
                              9 .. maximum compression]
  -M [--memory-cache-size] ARG : size of the extra in-memory cache in MB used to
                             minimize redundant operations.
                             Default is 16.
                             0 switches to dynamically sized caches.
                             [used for FSFS and FSX repositories only]
  --cache-txdeltas ARG     : enable or disable caching of deltas between older
                             Default is yes.
                             [used for FSFS and FSX repositories only]
  --cache-fulltexts ARG    : enable or disable caching of file contents
                             Default is yes.
                             [used for FSFS and FSX repositories only]
  --cache-revprops ARG     : enable or disable caching of revision properties.
                             Consult the documentation before activating this.
                             Default is no.
                             [used for FSFS and FSX repositories only]
  --cache-nodeprops ARG    : enable or disable caching of node properties
                             Default is yes.
                             [used for FSFS repositories only]
  --client-speed ARG       : Optimize network handling based on the assumption
                             that most clients are connected with a bitrate of
                             ARG Mbit/s.
                             Default is 0 (optimizations disabled).
  --block-read ARG         : Parse and cache all data found in block instead
                             of just the requested item.
                             Default is no.
                             [used for FSFS repositories in 1.9 format only]
  -T [--threads]           : use threads instead of fork [mode: daemon]
  --min-threads ARG        : Minimum number of server threads, even if idle.
                             Capped to max-threads; minimum value is 0.
                             Default is 1.
                             [used only with --threads]
  --max-threads ARG        : Maximum number of server threads, even if there
                             are more connections.  Minimum value is 1.
                             Default is 256.
                             [used only with --threads]
  --max-request-size ARG   : Maximum acceptable size of a client request in MB.
                             This implicitly limits the length of paths and
                             property values that can be sent to the server.
                             Also the peak memory usage for protocol handling
                             per server thread or sub-process.
                             0 disables the size check; default is 16.
  --max-response-size ARG  : Maximum acceptable server response size in MB.
                             Longer responses get truncated and return an
                             error.  This limits the server load e.g. when
                             checking out at the wrong path level.
                             Default is 0 (disabled).
  --foreground             : run in foreground (useful for debugging)
                             [mode: daemon]
  --single-thread          : handle one connection at a time in the parent
                             process (useful for debugging)
  --log-file ARG           : svnserve log file
  --pid-file ARG           : write server process ID to file ARG
                             [mode: daemon, listen-once]
  --tunnel-user ARG        : tunnel username (default is current uid's name)
                             [mode: tunnel]
  -h [--help]              : display this help
  --virtual-host           : virtual host mode (look for repo in directory
                             of provided hostname)
  --version                : show program version information
  -q [--quiet]             : no progress (only errors) to stderr